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BMW 2002 tii 1975

BMW 2002 tii 1975

Every once in awhile, we get the opportunity to experience something truly special. Now, note the specific use of the word 'experience'.

An experience is what the legendary and now rarely seen 2002 tii delivers.

Fitted with a Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection system, innovative at the time, the tii or 'Touring Internationale Injection' was a peppy little car capable of over 130hp in a light and nimble body. Behind the wheel, every bump, every undulation, every little speck of dust (ok, that's an exaggeration!) is keenly felt by the driver. An experience.

Aesthetically, you'd be hard pressed in finding a more recognizable vehicle. From the signature kidney grills to the distinctive chrome trimming, it's a masterpiece in design that still manages to illicit inspired souls decades on. In fact, we'd argue that it has only grown in stature in this regard over the years.

Featuring many improvements over the standard 2002 model including better performing brakes, stronger suspension, and of course the aforementioned injection system, the 2002 tii has developed into a collectors item that has seen steadily increasing prices over its lifetime.

This particular unit comes with an extensive service history dating back into the early 90's. With less than 50,000 miles on the clock, it has averaged just over a thousand miles a year since rolling out of the factory.

Don't miss this chance to own a timeless piece, an investment for our generation. An investment for the next one. Don't miss the experience.

  • Mileage

    49,900 miles

  • Transmission


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