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BMW 316i 1989

BMW 316i 1989

Viewing is by appointment only.


The E30 is a shining star in the Bavarian manufacturers history, delivering just about the perfect blend of reliability, aesthetic, convenience and sporty feel, the latter especially having come to define what it means to be a BMW.


The coupe bodied E30 specifically is a marvel, with now ever increasing prices amidst fewer and fewer units hitting the market. General enthusiast appeal has helped drive demand and value, while the relatively low cost of maintenance on one of these have helped keep them there.


This unit happens to be a n M40 316i, a rather rare configuration here in Malaysia considering they were never sold brand new locally in this specification. Yes, yes, some of you may shout to the rooftops for the need of a bigger power-plant, something to make pedal to the metal really feel like pedal to the metal. Yet, have you truly daily driven and enjoyed one of these splendid vehicles?


This E30 comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox, truly its saving grace and a joy to behold. Every shift of the gear is precise and confidence inspiring. Maybe you don't need 500 horses to enjoy driving? What the E30 lacks in pure grunt, it more than makes up for with exquisite balance and handling, easy of operation and inspired motoring that's more than just a horsepower figure.


This particular unit was fully restored and presents a compelling buy. Previously owned by a complete E30 nut who spared no expense in returning it to its former glory, and perhaps beyond, she has seen a tremendous amount of work. It received a full bodywork refresh, down to bare metal, with a paint-job that certainly befits the status of an appreciating classic. Much of the trim and accessories on the car have been replaced and show in stunning condition.


The mechanicals were also recommissioned with the drive-train showing zero leaks and performing quite admirably given all seals and belts have been replaced as well. There are no unsettling squeaks from the undercarriage and suspension, with every mechanical aspect having been thoroughly dealt with. In essence, this is as close to a buy-and-drive BMW as you'll come across, short of getting one new from the Bavarians themselves.


The interior features the M-Tech seats and steering wheel, no doubt adding a touch of sporting class to this E30 coupe. There's a surprising lack of blemishes to be found on the interior, with even the most critical buyer sure to be impressed.


The owners attention to detail is certainly apparent right down to the engine bay that presents neat and clean. The undercarriage is no slouch either, having been given an anti-rust coating to ensure future buyers are bereft of the pain that corrosion carries with it.


This is a chance to own an E30 coupe that's head and shoulders above what you'd usually find on the market. A true motoring gem.

  • Mileage

    152,000 kilometres

  • Transmission


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