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BMW 630Ci Convertible 2006

BMW 630Ci Convertible 2006

The convertible body style is a curious one. On one hand, many an enthusiast insist that nothing quite beats the feel of wind in your hair at cruising speed. On the other hand, driving a convertible generally also means giving up on one very crucial element of motoring goodness, sharing it with a carload of others.


The convertible 6-Series goes not just a small way in attempting to solve that problem. With rear seats that actually give decent legroom for a coupe, what more a drop top, it transforms what might be a lonely experience to something of a party!


With a cool 3 liter up front, the 630Ci Convertible delivers what is expected from the Bavarian powerhouse, brilliant driving dynamics and plenty of oomph. Passenger comfort is in no short order, with the 6-Series after all being the big luxurious coupe of the bunch.


Seen here in brilliant condition, the convertible 6-Series is indeed a rare sight on Malaysian shores with one rarely ever coming up for sale. Available at a most reasonable price too!

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