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BMW 635CSi E24 1984

BMW 635CSi E24 1984

The E24 was BMW's first entry in their heralded 6-series line, and my what a showing. Affectionately nicknamed "sharknose" by loyalists, the E24 line has grown to become one of the most iconic out of the Bavarian automaker.


With a sophisticated design that still manages to look good decades later, the E24 features flowing lines and sharp edges in all the right places. A grand tourer that gobbles up highway miles, you'll be hard-pressed in finding a classic with better looks, performance and panache than an E24.


Finished in the original Polaris Metallic from BMW, possibly the best shade to accentuate the cars natural good looks, this E24 is a later batch 635CSi. Manufactured in 1984, it was imported brand new and registered in Malaysia that same year, a rare find.


Being a later batch variant, this 635CSi features a performance bumped engine from the earlier models along with a 4-speed automatic transmission instead of the earlier 3-speeds. These subtle yet defining changes elevated the E24 into the truly excellent category.


This 635CSi comes in fully original condition, still sporting the original blue leather upholstery from factory, and in great nick too! The body is clean and rust-free, of utmost importance in a classic such as this.


The car runs like a dream, with plenty of go that may surprise the uninitiated. This is only a 35-year old car in number. No undue squeaks or niggles have been noted from the body or suspension, with handling being tight and predictable. Minor cosmetic faults have been noted in and around the car, but nothing too major.


The car comes complete with the original literature including the owners manual and hard-cover holder. It's clear to see that this E24 has seen considerable care in its lifetime, with surely plenty of miles to go yet.

  • Mileage

    75,000 miles

  • Transmission

    4-speed automatic

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