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BMW 635CSi E24 Highline & Shadowline 1988

BMW 635CSi E24 Highline & Shadowline 1988

You've seen E24's, but you probably haven't seen one quite like this one. A very rare, late batch Highline sharknose that came equipped from the factory with an elusive Shadowline package, along with sport seats and steering.


The Highline's were late batch E24 6-ers that featured an exclusive full leather interior. This means the dashboard, centre console, and even the door panels were clad in leather, unlike the lesser variants. Along with the opulent interior trim, the Highline models, as a virtue of being the last batch variants of the E24, also came with fully electric front seats. Additionally, the drivers seat featured an electric memory function! How about that for top-of-the-line luxury?


The exterior was also a step away from the previous models, featuring updated styling all around. This included the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and even the boot spoiler! With a more modern and aggressive appearance, we lean firmly on the side of this aesthetic over the previous generations.


The late generation E24's such as this one also benefitted from an updated engine block, producing over 20 extra horses. Paired with a later 4-speed gearbox as well, the difference in ride quality and performance cannot be understated.


This particular 635CSi also came specced from the factory with a highly sought after Shadowline package. Basically, it was a factory dechrome, with all exterior chrome trimmings instead coming finished in black. Only the signature kidney grilles retained their chrome finish.


Add to the above the fact that this car came additionally specced with sport seats and steering, it's clear to see that we have no ordinary E24 in the showroom.


Its current owner has owned the car for over a decade, having first purchased and used it back in the UK. After a couple of years of ownership, he decided to bring the car back with him to Malaysia. Prior to exporting it, he commissioned various repairs, including a full fuel tank replacement, sourced from Germany.


Having been registered on Malaysian soil in 2009, it has seen regular though not excessive use over the years. Having been continously maintained throughout that time, the car runs and drives excellently.


The car still features its fully original interior, including all leather trim, surely a welcome delight to many a collector.


Service history from throughout the current ownership dating back over a decade from both Malaysia and the UK, along with the original owners manuals come included.


This here is a hugely reluctant sale, only up for grabs due to the recent lack of use, with other classics in the owners collection needing attention as well.


A very rare 635CSi, in a rare spec, and in excellent condition. Truly a stunner.

  • Mileage

    158,000 miles

  • Transmission

    4-speed automatic

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