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BMW M5 (E39) 2000

BMW M5 (E39) 2000

Many consider the E39 generation M5 to be the crowning glory of the line, and one that hasn't been eclipsed since. We'd be hard-pressed in arguing otherwise.


This generation of M5 came equipped with the 4.9 liter V8 S62 powerplant, good for just shy of 400 horses. Mercifully paired with a slick 6-speed gearbox, the E39 M5 delivered performance in spades, especially to the discerning driver.


What this generation of M5 showed in performance, it more than delivered in sheer ride quality and passenger comfort. It's difficult to believe that this is a 20-year old car now, with the in-cabin experience as refined as they come.


This M5 presents in very nearly stock condition, save for the custom exhaust and M-Sport seats that have been equipped for added comfort. It sports its original blue exterior finish.


All electronics are working as per new, and the car exhibits a great willingness to pounce on command. There's a satisfying grumble that's just music to the ears of automotive enthusiasts, and a poise and purpose that has seen BMW continually chasing to match what the E39 M5 brought to the table.


This particular M5 has seen 3 owners since being registered in Malaysia back in 2001. We know all 3 past owners here at Jags Classic, with all of them being true car enthusiasts and collectors. In fact, we sold the car from the first owner to the second back in 2010!


The car comes complete with a thick service file from across the most recent ownership dating back to 2013.

  • Mileage

    95,000 miles

  • Transmission

    6-speed Manual

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