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Ford Capri 1600 GT 1972

Ford Capri 1600 GT 1972

The Ford Capri was initially developed with the moniker "Colt" - a young male horse - in keeping with their intention of offering a European model focused on a younger generation than the well established demographic of its older brother, the venerable Mustang.


In the automotive circle, the "Colt" might seem familiar and that's because Mitsubishi had already gained headway leading back to the early 60's with their now established model line.


So keen were Ford on carrying through however, that the automotive heavyweights went to figurative blows in the court of law. Certainly no extra points for guessing who won there..


No harm no foul though, as the Capri has staked its own claim to fame most admirably over the proceeding 5 decades since, surpassing the Mitsubishi in most every aspect most would argue.


"What's a Colt?" As they say, to the victor goes the spoils.


This particular example is a locally built model year 1972, sporting the 1.6 liter Ford Kent Straight-4. Let's dive into a little backstory.


Prior to its current owner, it was held by an elderly chap for many a year. Unfortunately, the Capri was starting to show its age, in no small part due to the unfortunately deteriorating personal health of said gentleman. A classic automobile can be a full-time job, and the time had come for him to part ways.


Enter the current owner, himself well experienced in the classic car world, having restored a mind-boggling number of choice machines. Having laid eyes on the Capri, surely there was only one conclusion to this tale.


This Ford has been fully restored from its bare metal, completely stripped and rebuilt. Intending to keep it as close to original as when he got it, its owner made no extensive modifications, simply returning this beauty to its rightful state.


The Capri now runs like a dream, and has the looks to match. Clad in a bold black that contrasts stunningly with the period chrome trimmings, it's a showstopper. The interior has been fully refurbished in two-tone leather for a little extra character, with fresh carpet trims all the way through.


Having gone through the tedious process of restoration, the owner has ended up with a large selection of spare parts that will keep the Capri going for a long time indeed, including:


  • Chrome trimmings
  • Instrument cluster
  • Dashboard
  • An entire driver's side door
  • 2 sets of front and back windscreens
  • Spare gearbox
  • Petrol tank
  • Longshaft
  • Front brake calipers
  • Wiper motor
  • Front absorber housing & knuckle
  • Brake discs
  • and more!


The Capri is now for sale as its owner has completed his favourite part of ownership, the restoration process. With automotive pedigree, an interesting ownership history, and a passionate restoration now completed, it is a great piece waiting to be enjoyed fully by its next lucky keeper and would present an excellent first foray into classic car ownership.

  • Mileage


  • Transmission

    4-Speed Manual

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