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Honda City Cabriolet 1984

Honda City Cabriolet 1984

What's that, a convertible City?!


That's right. Way back in 1984, Honda rode the wave of a then global phenomenon, cabriolet versions of regular economy cars. Honda though did something special, they picked up fabled design house Pininfarina (we're sure they need no introduction!) to sprinkle their fairy gold dust.


What they came up with was an open-top version of the regular City that utilized the wider track, fenders and the bigger bumpers off the Turbo II City, affectionately known as the "Bulldog".


With a 1,231cc inline-4 powering the front wheels, this Cabriolet Honda City offers renowned Japanese reliability, efficiency and economy. This particular unit comes with the sought after 5-speed manual gearbox as well, not the standard 4-speed. 


The perfect word to describe this car is charming. 3 decades later, the City still looks good and can still turn heads, especially with the top down.


The Cabriolet City is a rare find, especially in our parts. This is our first one!


With fresh paint, original interior, and running excellent mechanically, this City is a lot of car for very little cash. It even comes with a nice two-digit number plate to round it all off.


This beautiful Honda City Cabriolet is the perfect addition to any classic car collection, or indeed an excellent first introduction to the world of classic cars. While many have the false impression that classic cars are a pain to the wallet, this Honda City will undoubtedly prove those naysayers wrong. We think you'd be surprised.

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