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Jaguar XJ6 3.0 2004

Jaguar XJ6 3.0 2004

The cream of the Jaguar crop, the XJ. This one finished in a brilliant white with a beautiful cream interior.


Manufactured in 2004 and imported brand new into Malaysia, it's a local non-recon car. Featuring the 3.0L V6, it's mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission for seamless power delivery.


The previous owner has kept the car well maintained, with many repairs having been made. The original interior is still in great condition with no excessive wear on the leather and still brimming with the typical Jaguar opulence.


Having costed a kings ransom when new, we find it hard to believe that a top of the line Jaguar now goes for a fraction of the original price. It's the perfect time to acquire what might have once been a pipe dream.

  • Mileage

    115,000 miles

  • Transmission


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