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Jaguar XJ-S 1990

Jaguar XJ-S 1990

The successor to perhaps Jaguar's most recognizable car, the E-type, the Jaguar XJ-S was a highly lauded grand tourer. Launched in 1975, it went on to have a highly successful 21-year production run.


That lengthy aforementioned production run was no coincidence. The XJ-S featured typical British good looks and showcased admirable performance. It was a car that wasn't unattainably expensive, yet garnered respect from all quarters.


This particular XJ-S is a later batch 3.6 liter variant, the more reliable and wallet-friendly engine when compared to the monstrous V-12. It outputs respectable power in a smooth and dignified curve. 


While not particularly low in production numbers, the XJ-S is still a rare sight around Malaysian streets. Doubly so an example in as good a condition as this one. The interior is excellent with an exterior to match. All mechanicals are in good order with nothing major of particular concern. If ever there was a definition of a 'buy and drive' car, well this is it.


The previous owner has lovingly taken care of this prized possession, with many recent repairs and TLC to bring it up to the standard it deserves.


You now get to just enjoy it.

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