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Mercedes-Benz 300TE 24-valve 1990

Mercedes-Benz 300TE 24-valve 1990

What shouts classic cool more than a station wagon with the three-pointed star sitting proudly up front?


The estate or wagon version of the 124 series Mercedes is a relatively rare find around these parts. With this bodystyle not being particularly in demand over the years, not many were sold locally and even less still exist in decent condition.


However, the estate models of not just the 124 but of many other marques and models have seen a considerable bump in interest over the years, especially from enthusiasts. The allure of a reliable classic that could even be a daily runner along with the added bonus of supreme practicality with the versatile luggage space has seen these models shoot up in price recently.


The S124 in particular has benefited from the increased attention. The 124 line Mercs have always been viewed as some of the most practical and economical cars one could get, with longevity being a front and center focus for Mercedes in those years. The fact that this particular unit comes with the elusive 24-valve 3.0liter powerplant only adds to its desirability.


This 300TE presents in immaculate condition, with everything from the paintwork to the mechanical condition to even the interior trim being in top order. The previous owner has used the car sparingly over the past few years, with it being only a small part of his collection. Yet, he has spent a considerable amount to restore and rejuvenate the parts that were showing signs of wear. The car has seen new paintwork, updated upholstery and mechanical maintenance over the recent years.


This beautiful blue S124 comes paired with beige interior. It features the desirable optional 7 seats package, with two additional folding seats in the rear.


With only 128,000km on the clock - Mercedes 124 owners will tell you that's almost nothing - this 300TE is as good as an S124 gets. With a caring previous owner who is only moving it along to clear up garage space, it represents the perfect purchase as either a unique yet reliable daily driver or a collectors piece.

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