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Mercedes Benz SL320 1993

Mercedes Benz SL320 1993

Introduced in 1993 to replace the earlier models, the SL320 represented a huge step forward in the R129 line.


Featuring the newer M104 powerplant that's good for 228hp mated to a 5-speed transmission, it delivered significantly improved performance both in speed as well as comfort. Indeed, driving an SL320 is a whole different experience when compared to the earlier 300SL's. Quite frankly, there's no comparison.


This particular unit is finished in a striking red exterior, complemented by a beige interior. With Carlsson staggered wheels to round it off, this SL320 is certainly not wanting for presence.


Featuring several facelifted upgrades from the earlier models, the car has been updated for a fresher look while maintaining true to R129 form.


The car comes together with its removable hard top in body colour, and the soft top comes in black and still shows in great condition.


With SL320's few and far between on the market, it's rare for us to receive a unit at all.


As our mantra goes, an SL is an SL, you can't go wrong.

  • Mileage

    - miles

  • Transmission

    5-speed automatic

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