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Porsche 911 Back-Date 1985

Porsche 911 Back-Date 1985

Back-dating aircooled 911's has become highly desirable over the past few years, with back-dated units fetching ever higher prices the world over amidst the rising popularity and demand. The high costs associated with such a build, along with a booming market segment due to companies such as Singer with their vaunted back-date 911's have helped sustain ever increasing prices for such a unit.


Simply put, a back-date 911 is a time capsule. It takes a later generation unit, in this case a 1985 3.2 Carrera, and transforms it into a version that brings out the best from the earlier 911's, circa the 70's. This involves an astounding amount of work, with entire body panels and various bits and trims replaced such as the bumpers, the boot and bonnet, the fenders, the wing mirrors, lights and more.


With the cost of a full mechanical and interior restoration factored in, this particular 911 project set its owner back nearly RM200k in build costs alone, not including the base cost of the car itself. The backdate kit alone costs roughly RM80k, imported from Europe.


With every attention to detail, this back-date 911 has seen a full mechanical refresh, including an overhauled engine, a fresh suspension setup and a custom exhaust system which really just puts the cherry on the proverbial cake. Apart from the exhaust, the mechanicals have been restored true to the stock specification of a 3.2 Carrera, with the owner desiring a blend of more modern performance with the oh so lovely classic aesthetic.


With the bodywork going down to bare metal, an interior that showcases fresh Nappa leather, and a fresh air-conditioning system, this is a 911 that is wanting for nothing. It even features the desirable Fuchs-style wheels!


A classic air-cooled Porsche 911 in such a stunning condition is in itself a rare find. Add to that the strong appeal of a back-date unit not just aesthetically but monetarily and you get a perfect package of classic, collectible goodness.

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    5-speed Manual

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