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Porsche 911 Targa 2002

Porsche 911 Targa 2002

When the 996-era 911 was first introduced, many lamented the front-end design. The headlights lifted straight from the Porsche Boxsters was the main culprit.


In 2002, a Mk II facelifted 996 came along. It featured a whole host of improvements both cosmetic and mechanical, with an engine size bump from a 3.4 liter to a 3.6 liter being chief among them. In spite of the various other improvements and upgrades, the headlights once again stole the show. This time, Porsche opted for the Turbo style headlights across the range and buyers let off a collective sigh of relief. Much more aggressive, subjectively much more good looking and - crucially - objectively different from the Boxster.


The 911 Targa was introduced for the 996 range along with the Mk II generation in 2002. Harking back to a 911 staple since the early years, it features an auto retractable glass top that converts what is for all intents and purposes a coupe when closed to a full Targa when completely retracted. Thus, passengers get the best of both worlds, with crucially sound-proofing being phenomenal with the Targa top closed. There's also something to be said about that fully panoramic glass-top, a true joy to behold.


Pushing 320hp, the 911 Targa is no slouch, with typical 911 performance and indeed handling being front and center. 0-100km/h times come in at a cool 5.2 seconds, with a top speed of 280km/h.


This particular 911 Targa presents in superb condition, with nary a fault to be found. The mechanicals as well as the cosmetic elements are all in top notch order, with the Targa roof functioning perfectly as well. A quick drive merely serves to drive home this point.


With the 911 Targa's few and far between, one in good condition is an absolute steal at these prices. Representing the most affordable 911 generation at this point, the 996 era 911's offer a lot more car than the price would initially suggest.

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