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Porsche Boxster 1997

Porsche Boxster 1997

​The Porsche Boxster has always been an excellent daily driver. With no headache, turn-key operation, it has proved time and again to be a brilliant runner.


Yet, with a flick of a switch the roof retracts and suddenly you're blasting through the gears literally with your fingertips as the wind caresses your undoubtedly lovely mane. The quintessential Boxster experience.


This example of the Boxster has been exceptionally well taken care of, just waiting to be driven away! Power delivery is as expected and the car zips around traffic with a commanding ease.


The maintenance costs on a Boxster are unexpectedly low for the uninitiated and may prove a surprise to any future owner. The Porsche Boxster is indeed a brilliant introductory sports car.

  • Mileage


  • Transmission


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