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Toyota Celica TRD Sports M 2000

Toyota Celica TRD Sports M 2000

It's not just any Celica, it's a Sports M.


Produced only for the Japanese market, the Sports M from Toyota's TRD department represented the highest trim of all Celica's produced. It built upon what the lower trim levels such as the S-II and S-II Super Strut Package delivered, with various high-performance upgrades to bring the Sports M to the forefront of Toyota's sport offerings.


With only 1200 units ever produced, 4 are known to have been imported into Malaysia in the following years. 2 of these 4 models are now known to have been deemed total losses due to accident damage. Of the remaining 2, only this specific example is in stock and original condition.


The lower spec SS-II Super Strut Package already featured a super strut suspension, rear strut bar, 16-inch alloys and metal pedals among other improvements over the standard models. The Sports M took this a whole step further with an uprated 2ZZ engine rated at 200bhp - that's the same base engine that the Lotus Elise features! The chassis was stiffened and reinforced while the engine and suspension featured TRD components. The Sports M also came fitted with a limited slip differential. Of course, the car was delivered with a unique aerokit to top it off.


The TRD Sports M boasts a slick and short shifting 6-speed manual transmission and an engine that revs up to an insane 8,400rpm. Featuring Toyota's VVTL-i (Variable Valve Timing and Lift control with intelligence), this rev-happy engine indeed delivers peak power at 6,800rpm. A discernible and considerable spike in power is clearly apparent above that rev range and it makes for an immensely fun drive.


This particular example comes in pristine condition. Boasting the original body paint and an interior that quite frankly transports you straight into an early 2000's Toyota showroom, it's unbelievable that this car is touching on 2 decades now.


The mechanicals are in top notch order, with the suspension tight and predictable and an engine that just keeps singing. The previous owner, one of only 2 in Malaysia, has kept this car in tip-top shape. The car has been fully sound-proofed and the reduction in cabin noise is most welcome. It's a little touch that has elevated this already brilliant Sports M from a fun, quick and reliable weekend sports car to a comfortable daily celebration of automotive excellence.

  • Mileage

    178,000 kilometres

  • Transmission

    6-speed manual

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