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TVR Chimaera 400 2000

TVR Chimaera 400 2000

A turn of the key and the rumble of the engine.

That in itself exemplifies ownership of a TVR. You don't even have to drive it to fall in love with one, the first impression is all it takes.

This unit is a TVR Chimaera 400, the 4.0 liter variant capable of 232 horses. Considering the car most prominently features a fully fiberglass body, those horses are plenty to catapult its slender 1,050kg showing. It's a late batch facelift model manufactured in the year 2000 that featured a number of changes from the earlier models.

Driving a Chimaera is a raw and visceral experience, with every gear shift and every turn of the wheel keenly felt from your low slung seating position and proximity to both that monstrous engine up front and the asphalt down below. Not one for the luxuries in life, this TVR throws a hard delete in the direction of creature comforts in the sole pursuit of perfection in driver experience.

This particular unit comes in quite stunning condition, featuring absolutely 0 mechanical faults. The car features an upgraded suspension by way of a Nitron coilover set that comes in at RM12,000 excluding labour and upgraded front brakes. Apart from those two upgrades, the car shows in stock condition mechanically speaking. Maintenance has been thorough, with service history at a TVR specialist dating back to 2004 readily available.

The most recent bill was for a cool RM10,000 to set the car right before sale that included most notably a new camshaft, aluminium swirl tank and water pump among other necessary repairs, as well as a full service.

The car has seen new trim on the interior and a brand new soft top to replace the previously aging material. Quite simply, the car is a lovely example. We must note that the air-conditioning compressor will need replacing, with a newer updated unit in stock locally.

TVR Chimaera's are few and far between on our shores. Having ourselves handled a surprising number of them considering their rarity, we can attest to the quality of this particular unit. The drive is absolutely marvellous with zero faults noted, and she looks the part too.

  • Mileage

    86,000 kilometers

  • Transmission

    5-speed Manual

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