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Volvo P1800ES Shooting Brake 1973

Volvo P1800ES Shooting Brake 1973

The Volvo P1800 (pronounced eighteen-hundred) is a 2+2, front-engine, rear-drive sports car manufactured and marketed by Volvo Cars between 1961 and 1973. Originally a coupé (1961–1972), it was also offered in a shooting-brake configuration toward the end of its production (1972–1973. )P1800 became widely known when driven by British actor Roger Moore in the television series The Saint, which aired from 1962 to 1969


Volvo introduced its final P1800 variant, the 1800ES, in 1972 as a two-door Shooting brake with a frameless, all-glass tailgate.


This particular Model in our collection was owned by a royal family member who went through great legths to preserve and restore it to its current immaculate condition. All trimmings and fittings is in remarkable nick. The last Model which is 1973 was the last production model of the P1800 with improved reliability, Fuel injection and seamless drivability.Its fitted with a 2L injection engine with a 4 speed Overdrive manual.The all Rear glass hatch proved very popular with volvo designers as well as collectors the world over. Prices are on the upwardt trend for this desirable model and not many versions of this is available in Malaysia at the moment. A chance not to be missed.





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