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Miles & Memories #004 - Me, my Dad, our Mini's.

Mini Cooper
"Son, what do you think of a MINI Cooper?"

"When I first got my drivers license, my father asked me what car I thought I should get. Dreams of various sports car raced through my head but they were all turned down by him with valid reasoning such as reliability and price.

Finally, he asked "Son, what do you think of a MINI Cooper?". We found a 2004 Cooper S. It was in British Racing Green, a colour my dad thoroughly approved of due to his past Jaguar ownership. It was this very colour that intrigued me and pushed me into further understanding and appreciating the history behind the MINI marque.

A year later, my father proposed acquiring a classic Mini. In excitement, we scoured the market for the perfect car. It had to be the right car, with the right transmission, and of course the right colour - British Racing Green. We found it.

Many years on, we again embarked on a brand new Mini project, this time bigger and bolder - a custom restoration of an Austin Mini Pickup. My father had a vision and we found the right people to help build it. The most important detail? He was certain this pickup needed wooden rails at the back to resemble a lorry. It took a year.

My father has since passed but I hold dearly onto my first car, the Cooper S, and also the Mini pickup.

I will never forget his advice - "You don't need a Porsche or Lamborghini's to show class, as long as you appreciate classic cars and take care of them, you're a person of class" "

- Instagram user @mooqie92

"It was this very colour that intrigued me"


Miles & Memories, a new series by us at Jags Classic that puts a spotlight on significant or sentimental stories of our fellow enthusiasts.

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