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Miles & Memories #006 - 30 years and counting.

"30 years. We've had this car 30 years.

From late night supper trips to breakfast cruises bright and early, this car has brought our family so many happy memories, especially so for my Father and I.

30 years since its ground up restoration. 30 years and this car has never failed to disappoint, never failed to start up and put a smile on our faces.

I try to drive this car as much as possible. I want to share the smile it brings me with those who admire her on the road. I've never rejected an admirers picture, be it with permission or not. Instead, I let the car bask in its momentary limelight. It's only fair.

I'll keep this car for as long as I can as a testament to my father's patience and dedication.

It's a car that's meant to be driven and shared. That I know for sure I'll do."

- Instagram user @will5431


Miles & Memories, a new series by us at Jags Classic that puts a spotlight on significant or sentimental stories of our fellow enthusiasts.

Have a story to tell? Email it to with some pictures too! We'll feature our favourites.

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